Stick ‘em up!! Using stickers in your interior.

Stick ‘em up!! Using stickers in your interior.

If you want to change the interior design scheme for a room in your house but don’t want the commitment, or time and money investment, of paint or wallpaper then using decorative stickers could be the answer.

The applications are endless. Decorative stickers are good for renters, short term solutions such as a baby’s room, or other rooms where you know the function, look or purpose will change. They can be used to add interest or focal point to a kitchen, dining room, living room or bedroom.

Stickers are also good for those who are nervous about wallpaper – a first step from a plain painted wall if you are not feeling brave enough for the permanence of wallpaper.

You can get some really quirky, interesting designs that can add a little bit extra to your design – making your interior design scheme bespoke and giving it some wow factor. You can use them in unusual places too – such as on the risers of stairs (try numbers / phrases or even playful creatures), on furniture or round the edge of a mirror.

Try Not On The High Street or Brume for some interesting ideas.