Honey Interior Design recently worked with the Dulux Design Service & Potton Homes. I was asked to speak at a workshop to provide self-builders with some key areas for consideration on the internal styling of their new homes.

Here are the second set of 3 tips to helping achieve the interior you want – and some lovely pictures of the Potton Show homes at St Neots. Although I presented to Self-builders – these tips can apply to the refurbishment of your existing home too!

4. Existing Vs New. Your home should be a reflection of those that live within. Consideration should always be given to how much you bring with you from  your existing home to your new home. If you are simply refurbishing an existing space – how much should you keep? I personally believe your home should tell a story of who you are – your history and life. This doesn’t mean keeping everything and having a cluttered interior – but a newly decorated space should not be devoid of character and identity.

5. Style & colour. Keep a scrapbook – physically or on-line. This will give you a real sense of what you like / don’t like. Even if you are considering using an interior designer to help you design and style your home – any back ground work that you have done to help identify your style will be of great help to any professional – and give them a great springboard to pull together an interior scheme you’ll love. Inspiration pictures don’t have to be of interiors – it could be an item of clothing, piece of art, or something from nature – anything that inspires you – or simply makes you smile.


6. Lighting. This might be the last tip in this series – but it is probably one of the most important aspects to get right. Lighting can make or break an interior scheme. Consider ambient, task and decorative lighting – and how you might layer these in any interior space. I always tell my clients to consider the different uses for a room – and the lighting they would need to achieve them – in that way you can really pull together a lighting plan that works for your home. Add in as much flexibility as possible – for instance lights that dim or lighting on different circuits in one room so that you can vary the light levels.

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