I love an eclectic feel in my own home – and more and more we hear people describing their design taste or interior design style as “eclectic” but what does that really mean? My understanding of eclectic is that it means you select or derive your ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. In terms of eclectic interior design that could mean that you love the Queen Anne chair that your grandmother gave to you, and are quite happy for it to sit alongside your mid-century sofa and industrial style side-board. Using this interpretation would mean that one persons eclectic interior looks very different to another – as we all choose the individual elements that we love and appeal to us! And that is what I love about eclectic style – that it is fun and quirky and above all can really tell you something about the people who live in a home and what appeals to them!

I love getting packages in the post  -and even more so when they are new pattern books. The Ephemera pattern book from Linwood arrived recently and I could barely contain my excitement – I want to use just about every fabric and I’m on the look out for interior design schemes where they might work. The looks that these fabrics achieve would definitely add an eclectic feel – especially when used in unusual ways!

IMG_1519 IMG_1523 IMG_1522

It’s also about the items you collect and how you curate them in your interior. Here’s an example – an industrial feel white locker sideboard on which sits 19th century candle snuffer and cheese knife, next to contemporary white vase, Augustus (the flying pig) and a collection of aperitif glasses from a variety of sources (hand me downs, inherited and charity shop finds). The bottle of Bombay Sapphire I love for the colour!


Whatever you collect – or whatever you love – it IS possible to have furniture and accessories in different styles sitting side by side in your home  – which look beautiful. You can’t “force” an eclectic look – it’s generally a style that evolves. My advice would be to pick things for your home that you really love and tell a story – if they happen to be from different periods or different styles then so be it – you’ll have your own eclectic look! Grouping items of similar colours or having a constant colour palette throughout a space can help to achieve a cohesive look.

If you are unsure about how to achieve the look you are after – or how to style your interior – then I am here to help! Contact me about my consultancy services at hello@honeyinteriordesign.co.uk  or call me on 01303 479063.