I’ve already blogged about bringing a Tropical feel to your interior – but what about inspiration from closer to home? The UK has a long coast line and so it makes sense that many of us want to bring coastal style into our homes. Coastal style, sea-side or lake inspired interiors are great fun and easy to achieve. You can really go all out – or just give a gentle nod to the theme.

For a deck-chair feel try Juliet Taylor Fabrics – from Ocean Living, Island Style to Beach Hut. The collections are enough to have you booking a weekend at the sea-side – if you know me then my spare room is ready! The deck chair stripe evokes child hood visits to the beach, ice creams and Punch & Judy shows and adds a punch of colour and fun – whilst a more grown up coastal feel can be achieved using striped fabrics with blue, white and sandy neutrals.

linwood harbour lights

Linwood fabric

juliet taylor fabrics

Juliet Taylor fabrics


Nautical fabric prints are another obvious choice to add to the coastal style. From boats, rope or knot patterns, to all manner of creatures from the deep! Use them on blinds & curtains or on cushions and upholstery.


Clarke & Clarke fabric


Clarke & Clarke fabric

low tide lunch

Linwood fabric


Harlequin fabrics

Harlequin fabrics

It’s not just about the fabrics – consider the whole of your room when working on any scheme. For sea-side interiors white washed floorboards, or white wood plank walls work well as do painted furniture, flooring and panelling that has a weathered and distressed look . Choose accessories that use chunky rope – such as lanterns or on lamp bases or even door stops. Sea glass and vases in sea jewel colours can be used to good effect.

Beachcombing treasures can look amazing as home decoration. Use objects found on trips to the coast and display them in your home – either as they are or to make something new. Shells in glass jars or use driftwood to frame a mirror. You can find lots of ideas on sites like Pinterest. Not only do they add to the coastal vibe but they are unique displays with personal memories.

Below is a lovely example of coastal / nautical themed room from  The Lily Pad Cottage  – I think inspired by a lake rather than the sea but there are obviously common themes!


Whether you want to celebrate your coastal location or just try something different where ever you live, the coastal theme allows you to do as little or as much as you want. It doesn’t have to be too obvious or clichéd – it can just be a gentle nod to the coastal style. Have fun with it and contact me if you need help in pulling together your own sea-side oasis!