Decorating with colour & paint effects

A recent article by Kate @ gave some great advice on getting started with decorating. I agree with pretty much everything she says in this article, especially that if you have curtains they HAVE to be floor length – it’s the law. Dormer windows may be the exception – depends on the shape & angles you are working with – but pretty much it’s the LAW. The point in the article that caught my attention and gave me reason to pause was her advice re paint – on woodwork, walls, ceilings. I love paint and I love colour. Using paint creatively is a core part of what I teach in the colour courses I deliver at the Dulux Academy @ AkzoNobel in Slough. Using the fifth wall (the ceiling) and shaping the way a room looks and feels with colour is just so impactful! In my own home I use lots of paint effects. If you look at the portfolio section of my website you’ll see I use A LOT OF COLOUR in my commercial projects – lots of colour, lots of paint effects – lots of fun! From painting window recesses, feature walls, bubbles, stripes, zoning with colour, using camouflage techniques, to playing with a rooms’ dimensions by playing with colour & paint in all sorts of creative ways! However, I think I might have been a bit lazy with my residential clients… or rather a little nervous of making suggestions that might seem unusual to them. Whilst my clients come to me for advice and guidance, I am always wary of pushing them too far out of... read more

KWIB – Kent Women in Business Award

I was awarded runner up for Kent Business Woman of the Year (under 3 years) at the recent KWIB awards! Being recognised for the effort and dedication it takes to set-up and run your own business is amazing. We continue to design inspiring interiors for a mixture of domestic and commercial clients – and I love every project!

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2016 Year in Review

2016 has been a busy year for Honey Interior Design. With a mixture of domestic and commercial work – we’ve tackled schools, pubs, office spaces, a dentisit surgery and an opticians – as well as bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and lounges! Everyone loves a before & after – so I also include two of my favourites from the year – where the transformation has been amazing!

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Interior Styling: Top Tips part 1

Two part series on styling on your interior – taken from a presentation Honey Interior Design delivered in conjunction with Dulux Design Service and Potton Homes. In part one we cover budget, materials / environment, and space planning! Getting these elements right can help bring your interior to life and give you the home you always dreamt of.

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Is your interior design style eclectic?

I love an eclectic feel in my own home – and more and more we hear people describing their design taste or interior design style as “eclectic” but what does that really mean? My understanding of eclectic is that it means you select or derive your ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. In terms of eclectic interior design that could mean that you love the Queen Anne chair that your grandmother gave to you, and are quite happy for it to sit alongside your mid-century sofa and industrial style side-board. Using this interpretation would mean that one persons eclectic interior looks very different to another – as we all choose the individual elements that we love and appeal to us! And that is what I love about eclectic style – that it is fun and quirky and above all can really tell you something about the people who live in a home and what appeals to them! I love getting packages in the post  -and even more so when they are new pattern books. The Ephemera pattern book from Linwood arrived recently and I could barely contain my excitement – I want to use just about every fabric and I’m on the look out for interior design schemes where they might work. The looks that these fabrics achieve would definitely add an eclectic feel – especially when used in unusual ways! It’s also about the items you collect and how you curate them in your interior. Here’s an example – an industrial feel white locker sideboard on which sits 19th century candle snuffer and cheese... read more