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Honey Interior Design | Expert interior design service for Hythe, Canterbury, Kent

A little bit about Lisa…

I worked in London and Oxfordshire on a range of interior design projects before establishing Honey Interior Design in Kent. My design practice encompasses a range of domestic and commercial work - from family homes, to schools, offices and pubs.  I have an Honours qualification in Interior Design from KLC School of Design, London. My background as a project manager at Microsoft UK means I have the skills to ensure I deliver your project on time and within budget.

What’s your interior design style?

I love an eclectic mix! Newer pieces mixed in with older, period furniture. In my home I've used a neutral background and added colour in accents, furniture and artwork. In terms of the design work I do for my clients - it's story telling! A home should tell the story of those who live within, from the pictures on the walls to the books on the bookcase. In schools, offices, pubs and public spaces the narrative should be a combination of the building and the business - their shared history and the people who work, play and visit there.

What was the first piece of furniture you bought?

A chest of drawers, right after I left University. It was beautifully made, in solid wood and moved with me to 3 homes before I finally sold it. I love quality furniture that stands the test of time.
What interiors accessory can’t you resist buying?
I love furniture that performs more than one function! I recently acquired a chaise longue with storage. It’s a little tired looking and I plan to re-upholster it in a fabulous fabric for a bespoke look. It will be a great addition to my home as it is an unusual piece: beautiful to look at, comfy to sit on but also functional due to its storage.

What is your most treasured possession?

A silver necklace with charms that my sister gave to me 10 years ago. She lives in America – and I wear it most days – it makes me feel closer to her. It says “Sisters, Friends, Forever”. Maybe a little saccharine for some – but it reminds me of what is important in life – family. She is very wise so I often find myself rubbing the charms and thinking – what would Sally do?

How does your home make you feel?

Happy! And that is what I want to achieve for my clients. It's achieving the look and feel, but making sure the space is practical too - be it storage solutions and clever lighting or, in commercial spaces, fixtures and fittings that comply to regulations. An interior can look good and be functional - get that balance right and you'll be happy in it!

Why Interior Design?

Colour and Light alone can change the way we feel. Add in well thought out space planning and creative design solutions and you can totally transform a space - and through that the lives of those that live & work in them. That is hugely satisfying.